Welcome to the GPS data website generator project, which provides a python program that outputs kml and html to organize your gps files and view them using google maps.

By following the instructions on this webpage you can use a GNU/Linux system to download, view, and share where you have been, as measured by your GPS.

Some example output

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Getting started

First, buy a KeyMaze 300. Then, activate the GPS. Then, go on a bike ride or a run or something. At the end of your outing, stop the GPS and save the data.

Getting your gps data onto your computer

First, download the software from this project using Mercurial:

hg clone http://gpsdb.hg.sourceforge.net:8000/hgroot/gpsdb/gpsdb

To download gps tracks of where you have been from a KeyMaze300 to a computer,

  1. Plug a USB cable into the GPS and the computer.
  2. Turn on the GPS.
  3. Put the GPS into data transfer mode.
  4. Run the data download script (courtesy of the gpsd4 project):
    cd gpsdb/gpsd4 && python downloadkeymaze300.py -t -o ../kml/db
  5. Delete the GPS data on the GPS.

This will download new GPS tracks to your gpsdb/kml/db folder, and name them according to the date.

Tagging your GPS data

gpsdb will automatically organize your GPS data into groups of days and months. But if you would like to group certain data together, you can use the simple tagging system. For example if you go on bike rides with different people, you could tag each ride with that person's name. Just create a gpsdb/kml/tags.txt file in this format:

2009-08-30 sarah
2009-08-23 clemence sarah
2009-08-16 sarah scott
2009-08-09 sarah
2009-06-14 sarah
2009-06-07 sarah
2009-05-31 sarah selena nick
2009-04-26 florent
2009-05-01 sarah

gpsdb will output kml files for each of your tags, including all the GPS data for the corresponding dates.

Making a GPS data website

Then, to make a website,

cd gpsdb/kml
python3 db.py yoursite.com/out

This will create a bunch of files in kml/out which you need to upload to your website, so it is accessible on the web at yoursite.com/out. Then point your web browser at yoursite.com/out to view an index of your kml files.